Friday, October 16, 2009

Lines end

Just around the corner from yesterdays shot this is the end of the line of the churnet vally railway.


  1. Looking to this picture, I feel I am in England, the light is so beautiful and I feel that the air is cool.
    Very good picture.

  2. Nice composition. I wonder what happens if a train fails to stop...

  3. Was in Leek in September and love your photographic reminders. Thanks for posting such great work.

    Now I'm wondered if you would help? I copied the LinkWIthin link from your site this morning and added it to my blog, but nothing seems to be happening. Any thoughts on what I could/should change?

  4. WGAW, not a clue im afraid i set it up on my site with no trouble but it did take a day to start showing pictures, i think it needs time to read the site.


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