Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Leek and Moorland calendar 2010

A detail shot of one of the boats down on the canal.

If you have not already notice there is a banner at the to of the page for this years Leek and Moorland calendar, give it a click to see the calender in all its glory.

Free competition time again

Free competition time again, those wonderful people at blurb have given me 3 voucher worth £30 each to give away, to help promote their latest book competition in which you could win $3,000. The book competition ends on the 22/10 so to give the winners of the vouchers time to do their books this give away ends on Friday 9th.

To enter you just need to follow one of my blogs and tell me your funniest pet, travel or family related story. If you already have a post on your blog just link to that in the comment and I will read it there.

Why have I chosen those categories well they just happen to be the themes of the books for Blurbs competition, Pets, Travel or Families, so get your thinking caps on as this competition for the £30 vouchers ends Friday.


  1. I can't figure out what this is Brett.

    I think October is my favourite pic.

    And was thinking of you this morning wondering if you have pics on Webshots.

  2. I recognized most of the shots on the calendar. It came out great.

  3. Here's one I made earlier!!



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