Tuesday, July 14, 2009

London mill

London Mill, built at a time when the Ashbourne Road it fronts was called London Road, was built in 1853 for an unknown silk spinner and was purchased in 1863 by Brough, Nicholson and Hall whose names are set in stone over the door. This firm moved from smaller premises in Union Street and traded at London Mill until around 1960 when they sold the mill to Job White and Sons Limited. The premises, derelict in 2002 is now proposed for conversion to retail, business and residential uses. The exterior is substantially as built with nineteen bays, the three central of which support an elegant pediment. See this drawing of how it looked just after it was finished.


  1. Another interesting shot. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit I hadn't heard of Leek until today. Will be following your blog with interest, Brett.

  2. It's always nice when old buildings can carry on instead of being torn down.


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