Friday, July 24, 2009

Dam end

The saying goes that “There's a book inside all of us”, well here is a chance to let your book out. The wonderful people over at Blurb have given me 3 vouchers worth £30 off a Blurb book and to be in with a chance at winning all you need to do is pop over to my other blog 365 to 42 and follow the instructions.

Today's photo is taken from the other end, the dam end, of Rudyard lake


  1. Damn fine image. God you're so bloody good I want to hang up the camera. Outstanding as always.

  2. I wish I were sitting in a canoe with a paddle and a friend on Rudyard Lake!

  3. I used to wonder how people got out to the boats moored in the middle of the lake.

  4. Oh, would I ever like to be there. That looks like the ideal get-away.


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