Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Chestnut Queen, 2011

Meet Matilda, this years Bagnall village fete, Chestnut Queen. I have again had the honour of being the fetes official photographer and spent a few wonderful hours on Sunday taking pictures and being part of something that is so English. The English village fete is a dying breed, they take months to organise, are costly to run and at the end of it are hostage to our great weather.
This fete is one of the best in the country, listed in The Times Weekend supplement as 'One of the 20 great fetes', and it is all down to the hard work of the local volunteers.
My picture taken on the day can be seen HERE


  1. What a beautiful, regal looking portrait of a cute, very happy young lady! Sounds like a lovely festival!

  2. Picture perfect. Looks like Gustav Klimt from the thumbnail!

  3. What a perfect little queen! She is beautiful and the photograph is fabulous. I love how sharp her eyes are and her expression says that she is thrilled to be there. What a treat for a little girl to achieve!


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