Saturday, September 11, 2010

Garden boat

Aside from the natural beauty of the canal the boat's provide their own splash of colour, these boats range in size and shape from the very small, very neat barges, to the large and cluttered narrow boats, each has its own little quirks and character.

These usually reflect the character of the owners of the boat, be it the smooth corporate look of the rented holiday boat, all gleaming paint and sparkling brass work, or the much loved weekend boat, all bedecked in nick-knacks and accessories, or the floating home, all rigged out with the day to day necessities like generators and fire wood.

Every boat has those little touches that make it unique, the way the rope is stored, the design of the paint work, the flowers on its roof, all showing the amount of love that the boat has lavished on it. Take this one for example, it nearly has as many plants in the bow as I have in my garden, in fact it is a mini garden, complete with tomatoes and wind chimes.


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