Wednesday, November 4, 2009


One of the most dangerous things that i do is to go out and photograph things for this blog. For a start i have to leave the safety and comfort of my house, then i find myself driving all over the area on roads that are far from good and that i have never been on before. Last year i nearly got stuck in the snow just trying to take a picture of a tree. Today's picture shows one of the road that i have to travel to get some of my shots, and this is not the worst of them, but this one did give me room to park to take the shot.


  1. Oh my, I thought that was a walkway not a road. You are adventurous.

  2. Brett...somewhat tentative road but it looks like it was worth it!


  3. How'd you like to meet someone head on there. Sheesh! You need a stunt double.


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