Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Roundabout, Leek

The roundabout at the bottom of Derby street Leek, a hot topic in the town at the moment due to plans for a new road lay out that would see the end of this, one of the towns major landmarks. There is a public vote on the 06/01 to decide if the plans get the go ahead.

I would love to see the roundabout stay, it is a unique feature in a town that is getting over run by chain stores and letting its old buildings decay in to ruin (see Saturdays post 08/01).


  1. There will be a few broken hips down this street if we’re not careful!

    Lovely scene.

  2. Totally agree.Supermarkets are a blot on our beautiful landscape,and the blots getting bigger.I say LEAVE LEEK ALONE.Btw,as a former pro photographer,I love talking photography.Your lovely scene of leek above;did you use Topaz Adjust?

  3. Hi David, thank you for your comment, as to the processing it was done using CS4, Lightroom and Photomatix.

  4. Ahhh.Photomatrix.I thought it looked hdr.Nice work,and I love you pics of the Talbot too.We must chat sometime Bret. :-)

  5. hi brett, hope you dont mind i borrowed your pic as i was unable to find one of the roundabout for my post. love your picture liveing away from leek now it gives me a little warm feeling seeing all your pics. love the hdr ones really effective. iv recently started learning to develop my own in the dark room and hope to get back to leek soon to get some pics.


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