Monday, June 7, 2010

My bus

Not my bus, but his bus and your given a very warm welcome as you approach. An old English sheep dog stands (well lies) guard on board an Albion Nimbus formally of the Berresford bus company, more information can be found here. Berresford of Cheddleton was a local bus company well known by most locals, i remember a service that was part bus, part taxi and part adventure and one night end at my house in the car of the bus driver.
The photo was taken at Alf Tunstall Classic Bus Rally, held at the Churnet Valley Railway on Sunday. More photos through the week.


  1. I like this shot. I like this bus. Great.

  2. Only in GB would you see something like this. In the USA there would be 25 laws against dogs riding Buses for any number of reasons. Love it.

  3. Great shot. Wondering about how you ended up in the busdriver's car...

  4. Waiting to see your next pictures. This one is ready good.


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