Thursday, May 6, 2010

St Edward Street, Leek part 8

I'm going to take you on a walk up St Edward street in Leek, in reality the walk will only take 5 mins, but here i'll spread it over 8 days, day 8.

Stanley's on the corner of Stanley street and St Edward street, i think it used to be a bank, then a bookies, now its a pub. The road leading off ends at the bottom of the market place, just by the white building.

This is the end of my walk up St Edward street, with a bit yet to go, i may just cover that end in an other set of shots.


  1. I wonder if both levels are being used by the pub, or is someone living upstairs?

  2. I don't know why, but this set of pics has really made me want to visit Leek. I loved the interior of the cafe where your exhibition was/is, and the courtyard outside, but somehow this street looks so attractive.

    But where are the people?? I know that I don't much like having random people in my pictures, but really, it's as though Leek has been evacuated!

  3. You really do live in a very pretty place. The buildings are so different than ours.

    Of course you rarely see a brick building in Alberta. We just don't have the correct clay to make bricks and so all are brought in from other provinces which make them an expensive item.


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