Thursday, February 19, 2009

Storm clouds

Storm clouds over the Cloud


  1. Absolutely fabulous and I have let everyone know on my blog today.

  2. i followed a shout-out to your blog from Babooshka ramsey daily photo.

    Yikes! i landed in Heaven. your stuff is outrageous. kudos!

    thanks for the posts. :-)


  3. You couldn't take a bad picutre if you tried

  4. ooooh... excellent!
    am a great fan of your photo blog where you explain all one needs to know about photography so well.
    babooshka has been kind enough to direct us here!

  5. Amazing view! All your photos are awesome. Magnificant blog!

  6. What a marvelous shot! All those shapes and colours and the slight haze make it a land of dreams!

  7. Babooshka sent me (and many others I see) here. I saw Leek Daily Photo and that made me curious for a village nearby is also called Leek. And that's in the Netherlands, near Groningen in the North-Eastern part of the country. Here it's pronounced as lake.
    But this aside: I really like your photos!
    Will visit more often.


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