About me

It is so hard to write something like this, you either end up sounding narcissistic or dead boring, neither of which will make you want to hire my services or look at my images, which is the whole point of writing it.
So instead of the normal I did this and then I did that routine, here is a bit about me that might make you want to explore a some more.
I’m a photographer, that’s what I am, it’s not a job or a hobby, it’s how I see the world and how I interact with it. It just so happens that I can combine it with a way of making a living by taking photos of things other people want photographing.
When asked “what do you specialise in, is it Weddings, Wildlife or Landscapes” I answer that “I specialise in taking great photos, the subject matter is just another part of the process”
I’ve been taking photos for over 20 years in what could be described as a serious way, although I rarely take thing too seriously, but I have taken photos of my life from a very early age and the last 20 years has just seen me refine my style and expand my technical range.
Outside of photography I’m a sort of “nearly is close enough” type of person, but with my photos I can never get them just to my liking, even my best award winning work still has me thinking I could do better and I really hope this will never change as it is what keeps me working so hard.
So if that has made you think you want to see more please feel free to roam around my site, i also blog and the links to them can be found on the home page.

If you feel i might be the photographer you would want to work with all my contact details are also reachable from the home page, i would love to hear from you.

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